About Us

About Us

Our history began 10 years ago. Four car-loving friends, we decided to create an online space where we could bring together premium car care products.

Why premium quality?

Because we were constantly faced with low-quality, low-imported products in the field of car care in the Georgian market. We decided to create an online platform where we could combine the best brands from Europe and America. After 12 months of research, searching for brands and visiting the best exhibitions in the world, we decided to create the company "Auto Carry", which today combines such successful brands as: Gunk, Liquid Wrench, TiteSeal, The Threatment, Motor Medic, Dr.Marcus, Liqui Moly , Wynn's, etc.

We can confidently say that there are currently more than 1000 premium quality car care products in one space. We are proud to say that we are now shipping orders throughout Georgia, and in the case of Tbilisi, 95% of orders are delivered on the spot within an average of 1 hour after purchase. We value the trust of our customers. The quality and origin of all our brands are strictly controlled by our team, which ensures a rapid increase in the reputation of our online store. Due to recent developments, our online store is becoming more and more popular, as it is very easy to purchase plastic card products from our website without leaving home or office. Our prices are low in terms of quality.

Thanks for the trust, if not for you, our success would be incredible.

Auto Cari team