Shipping online store Please read carefully and get acquainted with the rules and conditions before using the website of the company Auto Caar and the services available on it. By logging in to our system or using our services, you will automatically express your consent to the Company's current terms. If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions then you will not be able to use our system and our services. This is a commercial platform (online store) that gives users the opportunity to buy car care products, car parts, hand tools and other tools online. Standard terms of use of the online store

1. General Provisions
1.1 The online store has the right to process the visual side of the product posted / uploaded on the site by the supplier at any time so that it can be viewed from any type of device or application.
1.2 The online store checks the supplier as much as possible before placing it on the product's website, however, the company Auto Care cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information posted by the supplier. The user is informed, uses and trusts this information only at his own risk. Only the seller is responsible to the customer for the accuracy of the product specifications placed by him.
1.3 The online store reserves the right and therefore the Supplier agrees in advance that the Online Store may, at its discretion, make changes or additions to these Standard Terms for any reason, at any time, without prior notice to the Supplier. In turn, the company will provide information about the changes made to the supplier. If the supplier does not agree to the updated terms, the company reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with it.
1.4 The Supplier shall not have the right to use the services of the present online store unless it is capable of concluding the relevant agreements.
1.5 It is forbidden to produce and distribute spam-containing information, viruses, which can harm both the online store and its customers.
2. Registration of the supplier, his basic rights and obligations
2.1 In order to receive the service, the supplier is obliged to register on the site, for which he must fill in all the necessary fields required for registration.
2.2 Registration shall be considered completed after acceptance / confirmation of the standard terms of the contract.
2.3 The Supplier agrees by registering on the Website of the Online Store and guarantees that the information sent in the registration form is unmistakable, accurate, up-to-date and complete.
2.4 The Supplier shall take care to update this information periodically. To ensure their authenticity, accuracy, novelty and completeness.
2.5 Any correspondence sent to the address (electronic and / or other address) specified by the supplier at the time of registration shall be deemed to have been delivered.
2.6 The Supplier is obliged to upload the products for sale in the relevant characteristic category, to illustrate them, to enter the technical characteristics (color, size, volume, weight, etc.), to indicate the terms of payment and delivery in full.
2.7 The Supplier shall be bound by the current legislation and the rights of a third party. The supplier is not allowed to sell the goods removed from the civil circulation, which are prohibited by law (including the sale of a product that requires a special permit / license).
2.8 When using the services of the online store, the supplier guarantees that it will not publish / upload any product, posts / evaluations that: violates the rights of third parties, will be erroneous, misleading, defamatory.
2.9 It is prohibited to open several accounts in order to manipulate the price of the product.
2.10 Unless the supplier fully and duly complies with the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Use or if any action violates applicable law or the interests of other users or any other third party, the online store is authorized to:
• Block the account (temporarily, eventually).
• Increase taxes on a particular supplier.
• Limit access to services.
• Apply all other necessary measures.

2.11 The online store reserves the right to cancel the account of the supplier who has been inactive for a long time.

2.12 The Supplier undertakes to post only new and non-secondary products / products on the website

2.13 The Supplier is obliged to correctly indicate the weight of all products sold (if the product is packaged or other details are included in the package, the Supplier is obliged to take into account the weight of the packaged product or other components included in it).

The price of the product to be delivered is mainly determined by the weight, taking into account if the supplier incorrectly indicated the weight of the product and the transfer of the product to the customer is underway.